Welcome to the Abu Dhabi Womens Group (ADWG)!

Our mission...

To help you experience the best of Abu Dhabi - by providing information and support, organising outings and events, but most importantly, facilitating friendships!

About us

We are simply a group of people from around the world sharing the common bond of being located here in Abu Dhabi. In fact, the group was started to provide support for newcomers to Abu Dhabi and to help Abu Dhabians meet and share common interests. Everyone is welcome (and yes we do have men join us for coffee and outings as well)!

The group is run by volunteers who are passionate about helping others settle into the lifestyle here (and who love to socialise!). To know more about us, go to Contact Us.

We hold weekly coffee mornings (many times with special guest presenters), regular field trips, monthly golf tournaments and lots of other outings. We also have a Facebook page where members can 'talk' to each other, give updates on local news or what's on around town, as well as advertise a sale or event - we are keen to support our local businesses, especially those run by our members.

Join us!

New members are always welcome - and membership is free! Whether you are brand new to Abu Dhabi, or have been here awhile and just heard about us, contact us via the ADWG Facebook page or send us an email and we'll add you to our distribution list.